As a ministry of Saint Joseph Catholic Church our school provides a wealth of opportunities to our students in the areas of faith formation and service to others. Students at our school are assisted in continuing to grow in faith and knowledge. Our students' faith lives include:

  • Weekly Mass
  • Daily religion curriculum in all grades as well as Sacramental preparation in second grade
  • Morning prayers and noonday blessings
  • Advent and Lenten events including grade level appropriate reconciliation
  • Lectoring and cantoring opportunities for students in grades 2-6
  • Prayer Buddies program
  • Retreat Days
  • Alter server training for sixth grade students

Prayer Buddies Program

Prayer Buddies is a school wide program that pairs older students with younger students. Our goal is to develop lifelong friendships through faith based activities. Students learn how to pray with each other and for each other’s needs through shared faith experiences.

Prayer Buddies gather each Monday during morning prayers. The buddies walk to church and sit together to celebrate Mass.  Students also meet once a month to share in God's love during a faith based activity. What a wonderful way to share Christ's love for one another!