Why Choose St. Joseph's?

There has probably never been a tougher time to be a parent, which is why there's never been a better time to choose a Catholic School.

"Community is at the heart of all Catholic education, not simply as a concept to be taught, but as a reality to be lived . . . Your students will learn to understand and appreciate the value of community as they experience love, trust, and loyalty in your school and educational programs, and as they learn to trust all persons as brothers and sisters created by God and redeemed by Christ." Pope John Paul II

When parents choose a Catholic School for their children, it sets their children apart as a family so committed to their children's education that they are ready to make extraordinary sacrifices. Parents, by making the sacrifice necessary to send their children to Catholic School, show them education is a high priority. Catholic Schools provide a loving, loyal environment where the entire community of parents, teachers, students, and parish is committed to academic and personal success. Here are some key reasons why to consider a Catholic education:


Over 99 percent of Catholic School students will graduate from high school. And 86 percent of graduates go on to attend a four-year institution of higher learning.

Spirituality & Faith formation

Catholic Schools seek to prepare our children in mind and spirit during the most formative and vulnerable time of their lives so that they can live lives full of hope, joy, and peace, no matter what challenges they meet. Each day in the Catholic School presents opportunities for students to put their values to use--in the classroom, at lunch, and during recess.

Personal Attention

Because of small class size and because of close parental involvement, each student receives special attention so that their needs are met. Catholic Schools offer students a safe and supportive environment. Catholic School success depends firmly on the partnership of our parents, the first and foremost educators of our children, who provide overwhelming gifts of time, talent and treasure to our schools. Family input and involvement results in higher attendance rates and lower dropout rates. Catholic Schools develop the whole person, challenging each student to reach his or her full potential.

"Why choose Catholic education?" The answer is clear. Catholic Schools do a better job of educating students.