Sixth Grade


The textbook is Connected Mathematics 2 developed at Michigan State University through a NCTM grant.  The emphasis is application word problems that connect the everyday world to the fundamental computation skills. The program allows students to approach mathematical problems from different angles and discover basic algorithms as they investigate with hands on materials.  They can then translate their discoveries into everyday problems that occur in real life.


The four science areas in the sixth grade curriculum are: Oceanography, Meteorology, Astronomy, and Geology.  Our texts are Science Fusion from Holt McDougal.  We are a NASA Explorer School and therefore work closely with our NASA partner to have updated information and materials in each area of study to supplement our texts and materials.


The Old Testament and the New Testament connections are the focus of the study in sixth grade. Students are encouraged to participate in liturgies, personal and communal prayer, and the observance of feast days and seasons.  The text is Blest Are We by Benziger.  Students who are eligible may serve as altar servers for school masses each week and for funerals.

Social Studies

Social studies focuses on learning about the geography, culture, conflict, governance, and economic influence on the for Europe/Russia, Latin America, Canada, and Australia. Students also explore the five themes of geography through the physical features within those countries. Our texts include McGraw Hill's Discovering World Geography as well as Rand McNally's Atlas of World Geography.

English/Language Arts

Language Arts integrates listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills.  Students read and analyze a variety of literary works, and incorporate comprehension skills with the help of Scott Foresman’s textbook, Reading Street.  Sixth grade students participate in literature-rich discussions of novels through Literature Circles, a collaborative group learning environment.

Students also develop skills in the effective use of literary conventions. Voyages in English: Grammar and Writing, a textbook outlining various English skills, is used throughout the curriculum.  Sixth graders will become comfortable with using the multi-step writing process to create various writing pieces.  Students will be expected to use many different mediums, including journals, letters, research papers, narratives, and essays.  The goal is to encourage all students to develop a lifelong love of language and literature.